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Hiroshi Tsunoda, a renowned Barcelona-based designer, created a fireplace with a contemporary twist on the traditional campfire. It consists of varying-sized tubular stainless-steel sticks, providing a visually spectacular and practical fire for indoor and alfresco situations, echoing Hiroshi’s characteristic aesthetic of geometric forms. This design is stylistically attractive and functional for outdoor fire pits as well as indoor living.

In this post, you can find out more about bioethanol fire and its relation to EcoSmart fireplaces.

Main Characteristics of an EcoSmart Fireplace


EcoSmart Fireplaces offer contemporary fire designs that evoke the ambience and appeal of a classic campfire, but have smart functionalities that can’t be found in traditional fireplaces. Its bright flames will keep you engaged as well as comfy for over 8 hours without the need for a utility connection, and it’s simple to put up and adjust.

The designs maintain the classic comfort of a fire, but there are no fumes or smoke. They are powered by bioethanol, a clean-burning, environmentally beneficial fuel. Its dazzling flames, which are easy to put up and adjust, give out monochromatic hues that will keep you hooked.

Benefits of a Bioethanol Fireplace

Bioethanol fireplaces offer a variety of design and lifestyle advantages. The wide range of EcoSmart Fire models allows them to be used to enhance the atmosphere as indoor and outdoor fire pits in both residential and commercial settings, as seen by the thousands of installations worldwide. It delivers a green heating system that utilises the cleanest and most efficient fuel source available.

Where to Buy Bioethanol Fuel

Only e-NRG bioethanol fuel is recommended for use in an ethanol fireplace. e-NRG was created to have the least amount of odour, the most bright flame and the longest burn time on the market. And it has undergone extensive third-party testing with all EcoSmart Fire ethanol fireplaces.

Bioethanol can be delivered to both public and private locations we have it in stock here!

How to Fill Your Bioethanol Fireplace

Filling your fireplace with e-NRG bioethanol fuel is simple and quick with EcoSmart Fire’s specialised tools and methods.

  • Carefully remove the nozzle cap off the bottle and place it into the filling point.
  • Hold the green button down. When the reservoir is filled, the nozzle will automatically cease filling.
  • Put the nozzle cap back on.

EcoSmart and Heat

All EcoSmart Fires are ventless, meaning all the heat stays in the room rather than escaping up a flue as it would with a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Increased heat retention also means increased fuel efficiency. EcoSmart Fire’s collection of ethanol fireplaces offers a heat output ranging from 5,000 BTUs to 20,000 BTUs.

While providing warmth, EcoSmart Fires are not designed to be used as a room’s primary heat source. 


There are two varieties of bioethanol fireplaces: freestanding ones that do not require installation and built-in fireplaces that are meant to be simply installed into a stud wall or existing joinery. They are easier to install than gas or wood-burning fireplaces in general. Some freestanding types can be used both as indoor and outdoor fire pits, giving homeowners and designers maximum versatility.

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