4 Tips to Properly Maintain Your Wooden Epoxy Table Lucent Decors

Having a wooden epoxy table is the dream for many, thanks to its stunning looks. You can easily tell a normal wooden table from one with epoxy, and more often than not, the epoxy one looks a lot better. However, that look doesn’t come burden-free. Proper maintenance is required to keep the wooden epoxy table looking great, and caring for a wooden table with epoxy takes way more than simply using a coaster every time you place something hot on it.

Here's precisely how you take care of your wooden epoxy table to ensure its durability and aesthetics:

How to Properly Maintain Your Wooden Epoxy Table

No matter if it's been a long day at work or you want to clean up the table before you sit down to watch a movie, it is essential that you use a soft cloth to clean the table. If you use a rough cloth, there’s a chance that you're going to scratch the table and hurt its aesthetics.

Also, while most people know to use a cloth to clean their table, the key difference is to use a damp cloth. When the fabric is damp, you avoid having to scrub it on the surface. However, keep in mind that you have to use water that's not too cold of a temperature when you're cleaning your table. You don't want to keep soaking your table in cold water as it's going to damage the epoxy. Therefore, always use a damp cloth to clean it. 

At the same time, dish soap can be quite useful, especially if you have a lot of greasy food on your table. However, don't use too much dish soap when cleaning your table. After all, if you use too much of it, it's going to damage your table, and you’re going to have to find a way to repair the table after. 

Every once in a while, you might need to use a soft bristle brush to clean your table. You can do this every time you accidentally spill something on the table or you notice that the table has become a little messier. However, don't do this too often unless you like the idea of scraping the table repeatedly. It's best to do this only when you have to. Also, avoid using stiff brushes at all costs, as they are a one-way ticket to scratching your table.

After you've cleaned your table, it's going to look clean and nice. However, the table is going to look awful if you don't dry it immediately. If you leave it wet for too long, it's going to start to look dingy and gross. That being said, it's essential that you dry it as soon as possible.

Usage Tips to Keep Your Epoxy Table in Pristine Condition

To make the most of your furniture, they must last as long as humanly possible—forever even! As such, you need to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Like any other wood products, our recommendations are for indoor use only.
  • Do not leave them outside overnight.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on epoxy products, its saturated colours may fade.
  • Avoid significant and sudden temperature changes. Wood contracts and expands with the temperature change.
  • Do not expose the product too long to direct heat source and humid conditions such as near the hot tubs, sauna, swimming pool or the rain.
  • To protect the epoxy resin, avoid direct contact with heat. Use napkins or coasters where necessary.
  • Use the table as intended and wisely. Although in the solid-state, epoxy resin is strong, wear-resistant, and durable, it is necessary to avoid mechanical stresses on the surface. As such, avoid putting heavy objects on the table, and definitely do not use anything sharp on it.


Now that you know how to take care of a wooden table, you should use the tips to your advantage and make sure to always have it clean, nice, and looking like the day you bought it. That said, if your table does look too dirty to be comfortably cleaned by your own hands, don't be afraid to hire professionals to clean it for you. They can ensure it'll end up looking like the day you first bought it—a sparkling and stunning wooden epoxy table!

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