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Heatscope Pure 2400W Electric Radiant Heater


Pure 2400W Electric Radiant Heater - An award-winning infrared radiant heater from Heatscope

The previous concept for infrared radiant heaters has been turned upside down and thought of in a completely new way. Electric infrared radiant heating is practical, functional, convenient and efficient.

If you’re looking for a discrete heating appliance that can be used both indoors and outdoors, in large open spaces or undercover areas, and is space-saving as well as environmentally friendly - then the HEATSCOPE® PURE electric infrared radiant heater is the ideal solution for you.

Its flexibility makes it ideal for homes, restaurants, cafes, terraces or in marquees - wherever you need an effective, unobtrusive heater.

All-Weather Installation - PURE’s Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP65 (exceeding the standard IPX5 rating of other brands) enables installation in indoor, semi-enclosed and fully exposed outdoor environments. PURE can withstand general all-weather conditions of wind (dust) and rain. That means it doesn‘t need a protective shield or any additional protection from the elements.

Directional Heating  -  Easily and accurately change the angle via the swivel joint mount for precise heating. The clean wavelength of light is only absorbed by solid objects, transferring heat directly to a person, table or floor rather than heating the air. Heat won’t simply “blow away” in windy or drafty conditions.

Cleaner, Greener Heat  - PURE converts over 90% of input energy directly into radiant heat and operates at a smarter cost per hour. No greenhouse gases or unpleasant odours are emitted, and they don’t require ventilation or a flue.

Instant Heat  - At the flick of a switch, PURE reaches maximum output in just 20 seconds producing immediate, comfortable heat when and where you need it.

Curved Glass-Ceramic Screen  - The only electric infrared radiant heater worldwide fitted with a convex SCHOTT NEXTREMA® glass front. Spreads warmth evenly across an area while minimising light emission. Beautifully resolved with black or white coloured glass.

Design Aesthetics -  Constructed from premium materials and made with meticulous attention to detail - PURE strikes the perfect balance between innovative styling and technical performance. Available in either black or white PURE is an elegant yet powerful heating solution for all environments.

Maximum Heat with Minimum Light  - Carbon fibre elements charged with an electric current generate heat but minimal light, creating a softer, super comfortable heat without harsh light. PURE provides a subtle, low glow, which doesn’t change the lighting effect of a room or the colour of objects (including food!).

Simple Maintenance, Ultra Durable  - No valves, ignition components or burners to maintain or repair. Aluminium chassis means it won’t discolour or tarnish over time and provides superior design, shape and heat transfer.

Ease of Use  - Single ON/OFF switch, plus two adjustable output levels – 100% and 50%. Can also be integrated with Smart Home Systems – perfect for the connected home.

Easy Installation  - Dedicated wall & ceiling mounts (which only need two screws to be securely attached) enable subtle placement anywhere.

Award-winning Design - Delivers pleasant heat without distraction. Clean-cut, modern designs and colours easily blend into any decor.

Fast Heating - Noticeable heat within milliseconds and 100% heat within 15-60 seconds.

Weather-Resistant - All models are certified with an IP rating for protection against dust, splash-water, and wind.

No Aggressive Red Light  - Produces a very ambient, modest light based on double carbon heating elements.

High Efficiency  - Up to 94% of the energy used is turned into ambient heat and transferred directly to nearby people and surfaces for maximum efficiency.

Smart Switch - Operate and sync your heater(s) with your smart device (compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant). *Internet connection and additional accessories required

Included Accessories - Bracket for wall or ceiling mounting

2-Year Warranty - Our radiant heaters come with an industry-leading two-year limited warranty on residential and commercial installation.

Product Dimensions

Dimensions (L x W x H) 104.2 x 16.6 x 8.7 cms
Weight 7.5 kg

Additional Product Details

Material Aluminum body, glass ceramic front
Installation Height 2.1-2.7 m
Power / Current 2400 W / 10.43 A
Voltage 220-240 V AC ~ 50/60 Hz
Max. Heat In 20-30 sec.
Radiant Efficiency ≥ 90%
Filament Temperature 1200-1300 °C
Colour Temperature 1550-1650 K
Body Temperature Max. 130 °C
Light Output < 300-400 Lumen
Model Specification
CL&I Manual
User Manual

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What makes HEATSCOPE® radiant heaters different from others?

The Award-winning design provides pleasant heat without being distracting. Colours and designs that are clean and modern easily blend into any decor. HEATSCOPE® is a world leader in energy-efficient electric radiant heaters, a well-known brand that is recognised for its superior performance, style, and reliability. HEATSCOPE® Heaters are Manufactured in Germany with meticulous attention to detail including infrared technology.

Where can I install it?

With a variety of ceiling, wall, and flush-mounting options, our heaters designed for the modern home will provide you with a smart heating appliance that is simple to use, functional, efficient, and discreet. Brackets for wall or ceiling mounting are included, and Weather Shield and Fixing Rods can be purchased separately. Your heater comes with everything you need to install on a wall or ceiling. Available in both black and white.

What material is it made of?

Its weather-resistant body is made of ultra-durable commercial-grade quality Cast Aluminium. Heating is accomplished through the use of our Dual Carbon Elements for superior performance, as well as fast heat and infrared radiant technology that connects easily to smartphones and home automation systems. Ceramic white or Black powder-coat finish is available.

Where can it be used?

Using individually controlled carbon elements, our world-class appliance provides maximum instant heat with minimal light for outdoor and indoor spaces. It can be installed in semi-open, well-covered areas as well as windy areas (balconies, verandahs, BBQ and swimming pool areas, cafes, courtyards, hotel roof top bars, restaurants, yachts)

Is it suitable for outdoor use?

All models have an IP rating for protection against dust, splash water, and wind.

Weather Shield* is available for purchase (Optional with Vision and Spot modles) In installations where no covering is possible, the HEATSCOPE® weather shield is designed to protect your heater from the elements.

Rods for Fixing (Optional) With 100, 300, or 500mm Fixing Rods, you can extend the reach of your HEATSCOPE® heaters on high ceiling installations. The weather shield and fixing rods are available in either black or white.

Can I control it with my phone or tablet?

Yes, our heaters are easily connected to smartphones and home automation systems. It is simple to connect to Smart Devices, Motion Sensors, and Remote Control (additional parts required). The Remote Control and Motion Sensor have an excellent range and will work anywhere in your home where Wi-Fi is available. Using a Wi-Fi connection, operate and sync your heater(s) to your smart device (Internet connection is required)

How quickly does it produce heat?

Our designs have high effectiveness for maximum efficiency, up to 94 % of the energy used is converted into ambient heat and transferred directly to nearby people and surfaces. Within milliseconds, there is noticeable heat and complete heat within 15-60 seconds. This varies depending on the wind, mounting height, ambient temperature, and installation type.

* Choose the model that best fits the heated coverage area you require. The coverage areas for each model are included in the product information.

Does it have any warranty?

HEATSCOPE® radiant heaters come with an industry-leading 2-year warranty on residential and commercial installation.

Do you have any further questions?

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