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Blinde Design Solo R1 Winter Bag

We have two types of outdoor covers:

Protective covers (lightweight cover) and Winter storage bag (heavy duty cover) 

Solo R1 winter storage bag is a heavy-duty cover.  The winter cover/storage bag includes weatherproof zips and seams in addition to hardy thick waterproof material that is highly resistant to mould, tearing and fading, keeping your product safe from the elements all year round.

Made from durable Sano-tex fabric is 100% solution-dyed polyester

Colour - Black

Product Dimensions

Dimensions (L x W x H) 39.5 x 39.5 x 47.1 cms
Weight 0.9 kg

Additional Product Details

Material SANO-TEX fabric (polyester)

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What exactly is a freestanding bioethanol fireplace?

A bioethanol-fuelled self-contained and stand-alone vent-less fireplace. We have a range of fire pits and fire tables available in our store.


What are the advantages of vent-free fireplaces?

Clean burning with no soot, smoke, or odour. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Installation is quick and simple. There is no gas or electricity, and it is environmentally friendly. Please click here to learn more about Bioethanol fuel.

Why should you use a bioethanol fireplace?

A bioethanol fireplace is a less expensive, less messy, and more versatile alternative to wood or other gas fireplaces. Easy to assemble, simple to operate, movable to any location, and aesthetically pleasing to look at. EcoSmart fireplaces come with 2 years of warranty.

For your information, we have produced know-how videos

How do you start a burner?

The stainless steel burner of the fireplace is filled with bioethanol fuel. The flame is ignited in seconds by dipping the lighting rod in the burner's fuel, then lighting the end of the 'dipped' rod with the supplied firelighter (or a store-bought one), and finally dipping back in the burner.

Please click here to watch how its done.


Do bioethanol fireplaces produce heat?

These are unquestionably real fires. Because of the vent-less design, the heat generated remains in the room/area rather than escaping up a chimney or flue like a traditional fireplace. Each of our burners comes with a detailed specification sheet. Please refer to it for more information.

How much space will my bioethanol fireplace heat?

The output heat varies between each of the burner. Please refer to the additional info tab for more information on a specific burner model. For example in an indoor setting, the Mix 600 will heat a 20m2 area at 6.1 MJ/h - 5800 BTU/h - 1.7 kW.

How long will my bioethanol fireplace continue to burn?

Our burners are designed to produce maximum output with less cost. With a full burner of fuel, the burning time range is 7 to 11 hours. The efficiency setting allows you to increase or decrease the burn time.

Are bioethanol fireplaces environmentally friendly?

Yes, bioethanol fireplaces generate only heat, steam, and trace amounts of CO2. Pollutants or toxins are not produced by bioethanol fireplaces. Please click here to learn more about Bioethanol fuel.

How should a freestanding or portable bioethanol fireplace be installed?

Unpack the unit, insert the burner, and position it. That's all there is to it.

How long does it take to assemble a bioethanol fireplace?

Only minimal assembly is required. Our free-standing outdoor and indoor fire pits and tables are mostly pre-assembled, generally, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

What is the best location for a bioethanol fireplace?

Our products are available for both outdoor and indoor applications. Indoor models include a pre-fitted drip tray to collect excess fuel caused by accidental spillage of the fuel while refuelling. Most of our products can be installed anywhere that meets the model's minimum room size. See the product specification in PDF format for more information.

Where can I get bioethanol fireplace fuel?

We are an authorised seller of e-NRG fuel; you can purchase e-NRG bioethanol fuel from our website and we will deliver it to your door for free using our specialised chemical delivery service.


Can other bioethanol brands be substituted for e-NRG?

The only recommended fuel for use in EcoSmart Fires is e-NRG bioethanol, and using other fuel brands will void the warranty. Why buy other? when our brand is one of the cheapest, safest, environmentally friendly and delivered free. 

What kind of regular maintenance is required for bioethanol fireplaces?

It is recommended for every 50L of burn time, the burner should be cleaned.

What is the best way to clean my Ethanol burner?

Black deposits can be removed with a mild cleaning product; the burner can also be placed in the dishwasher.

Do you have any further questions?

Please feel free to contact us via email at any time of day or by phone at 03301333248.

What is the composition of concrete planters and coffee tables? Is it environmentally friendly?

It is 100 % recyclable and emits minimal greenhouse gas emissions because it is made from eco-friendly green cement and 95 percent recycled natural materials that absorb CO2 during the curing process.

What Exactly Is Fluid™  Concrete Technology?

Fluid™  Concrete Technology creates products that are incredibly strong while remaining relatively lightweight. Blinde's concrete products have tensile strength eight times that of standard portland concrete. Fluid has a stain-resistant, UV light-resistant, heat-resistant, and impact-resistant barrier that protects the concrete from the majority of environmental weathering.

How is it made?

Our Fluid™   Concrete Technology provides a streamlined yet sophisticated system that results in exceptionally robust, handcrafted products, from sourcing quality ingredients and mixing raw materials to polishing and packaging.

Our manufacturing facility takes pride in providing a professional service that is based on best practises, incorporates multiple quality control touchpoints, and is carried out with an environmentally conscious mindset.

Is it Weather-Resistant?

Water, UV rays, fire, insects, mould and mildew, and extreme temperatures are all avoided thanks to the sturdy concrete construction and surface coating.

Is it Stain Resistant?

A special surface finish that repels moisture, ethanol, wine, vinegar, oil, mustard, tomato sauce, salt, soy, bleach, coffee, window cleaner, and other chemicals.

Stain Test

What other colours are available?

To complement your outdoor or indoor space, there are currently three neutral shades to choose from: Graphite, Natural, and Bone. We are constantly developing new colours and shades.

Do you have any further questions?

Please feel free to contact us via email at any time of day or by phone at 03301333248.

All our Ecosmart Fire Pits & Fire Tables comes with a free

40L e-NRG bioethanol fuel

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