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EcoSmart Fire




e-NRG bioethanol fuel by EcoSmartFire 

Fire up your fireplace with e-NRG Bioethanol Fuel for the longest burning and most vibrant flame. Achieving a beautiful, vibrant flame in your bioethanol fireplace is easy when you use the right fuel.

Best Flame - e-NRG Bioethanol Fuel is specifically formulated to produce a vibrant orange flame and is a premium bioethanol fuel designed for use only in a bioethanol fireplace.

Clean Burning - Lose the chimney and the flue and keep the heat in. Ideal for residential and commercial use and is one of the cleanest fuels available. Clean burning and producing no soot, ash or smell, it is recommended for use in all EcoSmart Fire bioethanol fireplaces as well as most other liquid bioethanol fires. E-NRG is denatured ethanol.

Lowest Odour - We use only the highest quality ingredients for the purest experience.

Longest Burning Time - Tested against a multitude of formulas to ensure it burns for the longest time.

Flame Arrester - Our bottles are fitted with a flame arrester which makes them the safest available

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Each carton contains 4x5L bottles (20 Litres).


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