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Kochut Side Table Coral archipelago. Maple, epoxy resin

This beautiful side table is made of American maple and Metal legs. This functional side table was given an Epoxy resin finish to enhance the sheen and protect the surface. A mother-of-pearl effect has been achieved by carefully selecting the Blue epoxy resin to fill and thus achieving this striking look.

Resin tables are a combination of two materials, wood and epoxy resin. Selected wooden boards are embedded in a transparent resin. Thanks to this combination and the brilliance of our craftsman’s, we achieve a modern and timeless look.

Mild waters of the Red Sea take me back to the days of that special summer. A long beach line past a dozen of hotels and the promenade under high palm trees. Waves were hitting more frequently, stroking my feet, and whispering the lines from Ahmed Fouad Negm poems. The sun over the horizon no longer burned but gave a warm heat.

Waters were pleasant as warm milk, and I dived. 

It’s weird how the land differs from the sea depth so much! In water, You are free, weightless. Feeling the world has caught You. Corals are alive and calm. They definitely entered nirvana and let the sea set the direction of their movements.

Here is the archipelago. There are countless corals everywhere. And where is that moment now,  when now, having breakfast in my kitchen, I still see myself swimming there. 

We are well aware of Your preference when legs naturally extend the tabletop, making the whole look harmonious and integral. The blue mother-of-pearl epoxy captured the coral maple wood and their duet creates something totally incredible.

  • Our tables are available in any size and in different wood finishes. If you want to customise this product or discuss a unique idea for your home, please get in touch with us and allow us to make your vision come true.

Product Dimensions

Length (cms) 160
Width (cms) 110
Height (cms) 50
Weight 0.0 kg

Additional Product Details

Color Blue
Resin Effect Transparent, Opaque
Material American maple
Wood Colour Light Brown, Medium Brown
Finish Epoxy resin
Assembly Required? No

FREE delivery throughout the UK mainland!! 

The large Resin products will be delivered safe and secure by our manufacturing partners to the room of choice. We also provide Free installation which includes fitting of base/legs, Protective glass top and Light kit where applicable.

  • Off The Shelf Products shall be despatched within 3-5 working days.
  • Custom/Made-2-Order products shall be despatched within 4-6 weeks.
  • Our Manufacturing partners might require access to your property or to the room of your choice.



For Off The Shelf Products

Please verify the product after installation. Due to unique and distinct nature of the Resin products, we cannot accept any returns once our manufacturing partners leaves your premises.

For Custom Made Products

We cannot accept returns on the custom orders.


Extended Warranty:

Free onsite warranty for 12 months. Our manufacturers will visit and repair any damages caused by the manufacturing defects. 

Clean & Care
  • Clean the tables with a damp flannel cloth, wipe dry.
  • Polish it with a soft rag.
  • Avoid using stiff brushes or abrasive sponges.
  • Follow all the tips for care and maintenance to retain its unique beauty and practicality and it will last for decades.
 Tips For Usage
  • Like any other wood products, our recommendations are for indoor use only. Do not leave them outside overnight.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on epoxy products, its saturated colours may fade.
  • Avoid significant and sudden temperature changes. Wood contracts and expands with the temperature change.
  • Do not expose the product too long to direct heat source and humid conditions such as near the hot tubs, sauna, swimming pool or the rain.
  • To protect the epoxy resin, avoid direct contact with heat. Use napkins or coasters where necessary.
  • Use the table as intended and wisely. Although in the solid-state, epoxy resin is strong, wear-resistant, and durable, it is necessary to avoid mechanical stresses on the surface.
    • Avoid dent or chip from falling heavy objects
    • Avoid deep scratches and cuts from sharp objects

Note: General wear & tear or damages attributed due to above reasons will void the manufacturer's warranty.

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